How to Crack an Android App (APK File) – Part 1

This may be a bit unrelated to PHP, but it is code, and I think some may find this information useful. You phone does NOT need to be rooted for this to work. This was done on Windows. My directions will reflect that.

First a little disclaimer:
Please do not use this information to violate any laws. I am not responsible if you do.

OK, the purpose of this guide is to show you how to reverse engineer Android applications such as games. I’m not going to go into much detail on anything else, as I want to keep this guide simple. But this method can be used to alter just about anything you like in an APK application.

If you, like me, have ever played those annoying, addictive Android games that never end, and may even require you to pay money to advance, this is a work around — especially if you like to cheat.

Tools Needed
Please download and install the following programs if you don’t already have them. Your success will depend on this.

Android SDK

The Android SDK also contains an emulator. This is useful if you would like to test your work on the emulator before installing the APK on your Android device.

Let’s Begin
OK, you have the SDK installed, and have downloaded xdaAutoTool. You now need a copy of the APK file you would like to modify. I’m going to assume that you can locate the APK file. If you have difficulty, Google is your friend.

Step One – Decompiling The APK File
Open the xdaAutoTool folder and run the program. It will prompt you to install a file called “framework-res.apk.” Ignore this. Close the program.
In the xdaAutoTool folder you we see a bunch of folders appear after the program ran. Look for one called “_INPUT_APK.” Put your APK file in the folder and run the program again. Press “Decompile All” located on the left side of the program window.

xdaAutoTool will decompile the APK file and create a new directory in the _INPUT_APK folder.

Step Two – Finding Your Target
Are you ready to be introduced to Smali code? Don’t worry! It isn’t too difficult once you realize what’s going on in the code. Java can’t be decompiled back into the original source code, it can, however, be decompiled into something called Smali code.
Navigate back to the _INPUT_APK directory and open the new folder (it will have the same name as the APK file). Once there, you will see a directory named “smali.” This is your target. Depending on your intentions, you will need to sift through the various files and folders in the smali directory until you locate the code you would like to modify.
For example, if you are trying to increase the firepower of a turret in an Android game, you will need to find the file for that turret. These directories are structured. You will probably see quite a few directories containing files used for advertisements, etc. One you discover the actual game directory, everything you need to alter will be in there.

Please continue to Part 2


  1. Derek says:

    I’m getting an error when I try to run the .exe file saying “MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered. So then I looked on the XDA download page and it says underneath the download “1) Go to /Res/
    2) Run FileRegister.exe to register these ocx files
    If you are using latest w7 it may probably be registering in the wrong path so register manually.” I try running the .exe file which actually has a different name (AAA_register_ocx.exe) and it gives me another error “Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .dll files. Problem is, I have no idea what they are saying in that error message. I looked online but haven’t had much luck with resolutions. I’m more of a linux guy. Can somebody please help?

    • Steve says:

      I got the same error and looked up what this file is via google. Microsoft has this sollution.

      Verify if comctl32.ocx is in C:\windows\system32 folder. If you, you may try re-registering the file.

      1. Go to start and type cmd.
      2. Right-Click on cmd and select “Run as Administrator”.
      3. Type regsvr32 comctl32.ocx and press Enter.

      If successful you should get a popup saying “DllregisterServer in
      comscl32.ocx succeeded”

      Explanation of Regsvr32 usage and error messages

      This might fix your issue, but I am unsure because I am having a different issue; my ocx file is missing…

    • ROHAN says:

      copy all the files in res folder to sysem32 directory then run AAA_register_ocx.bat as admin.
      Worked for me

  2. gianica says:

    Hi, this is my first time trying to do this, I am getting this error when I try to decompile my apk:
    “Unable to access jarfile”

    What should I do???
    pls help me…

  3. Jin Yi Min says:

    There are many methods for cracking APKs.
    But, there are some APK file that are not cracked with smali tool.
    How to crack such APKs?
    Give me resolutions for cracking such problems to my Email address…
    Thank you

  4. Nason20 says:

    the file AAA_register_ocx.bat open on Notepad++ and serch the code

    copy comctl32.ocx c:\windows\system32
    copy comdlg32.ocx c:\windows\system32
    copy MSCOMCTL.OCX c:\windows\system32
    copy Richtx32.ocx c:\windows\system32
    copy TABCTL32.OCX c:\windows\system32

    regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\comctl32.ocx
    regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\comdlg32.ocx
    regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\MSCOMCTL.OCX
    regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\Richtx32.ocx
    regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\TABCTL32.OCX

    IF EXIST “C:\Windows\SysWOW64″ (

    copy comctl32.ocx c:\windows\SysWOW64
    copy comdlg32.ocx c:\windows\SysWOW64
    copy MSCOMCTL.OCX c:\windows\SysWOW64
    copy Richtx32.ocx c:\windows\SysWOW64
    copy TABCTL32.OCX c:\windows\SysWOW64

    regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\comctl32.ocx
    regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\comdlg32.ocx
    regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\MSCOMCTL.OCX
    regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\Richtx32.ocx
    regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\TABCTL32.OCX

  5. Sushant says:

    You should run the batch file through Administrator
    and that works for you

  6. Jahunta says:

    I have the same problem still no solution found.

    Please help !

    Thx in advance :)

  7. devil says:

    you must stArt the apktool as administrator!.

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